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    1 to 1 Risk Control, LLC is a boutique Private Investigations firm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our investigative areas include corporate, legal, criminal, and domestic investigations, as well as missing person investigations. We utilize the latest investigative technology and resources to deliver a high quality work product for our clients.

    Our private investigators are all licensed through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training and work all across Central Oklahoma, and beyond. Our investigators are local to the community and understand the various subcultures and how to relate to them. Their approach is dictated by your needs and we go above and beyond to deliver high quality results for our clients.

    Joe Sullivan is the owner and lead investigator at 1 to 1 Risk Control, LLC. In 1999 Joe started performing investigations into hacked IT systems and servers as the Dot Com Boom started to take place. At the time there was little security, and little investigative tools for these types of investigations. Joe branched out into corporate investigations in 2004 with a solid understanding of computer forensics and how end users interacted with IT systems. Over the years his clientele started to broaden into other areas due to his experience with technologies such as email forensics, network forensics, mobile device forensics, and a determination to find out the truth.

    This gave Joe and edge since private investigations into other areas such as runaways, skip tracing, and domestic cases were starting to have more and more evidence found on electronic devices. It was also during this time that online databases were becoming available and made aggregating data less time consuming than before.

    In 2012 Joe officially launched 1 to 1 Risk Control, LLC as one of the few investigation firms specializing in Cyber Investigations. 1 to 1 Risk Control, LLC now performs many types of investigations while leveraging the latest technology to their advantage.