• Bug Sweeps

  • Bug Sweeps, or a listening device sweep in one of the services we offerSome of you may not be sure what a bug is so I’ll outline a few of the common ones we’ve ran into:

    Baby Monitors: These can be used to eavesdrop on a conversation within you home or office. They transmit on a radio frequency that can be picked up from people adjacent to their location.

    Nanny Cams: These can be setup to watch your every move and some are hard to notice. If you have one and it’s connected to your home network it can be hacked into and someone could be viewing you without you realizing it.

    Cell phones: They can be planted in a home office or car and the person on the other end can hear everything you say. Sometimes cell phones are planted to take video in a room and then later retrieved to get the video. With iPhone’s Face time you have a cell phone connected camera where you can hear and see everything happening. Cellphones can also double as a GPS tracker.

    Counter Surveillance

    Counter Surveillance will detect the common bugs that can be hidden just about anywhere, and for the most part are easy to find. There are more sophisticated listening devices that are harder to detect, and small enough to be over looked. These are typically hidden in wall outlets, light fixtures, AC vents, under tables, in walls, attics, and in ceilings. Bugs of this caliber are typically used for surveillance, corporate espionage, and spying. A visual inspection might miss these and you need to use equipment made to detect them. A bug sweep or counter surveillance sweep by a private investigator is the best way to address a situation where you think you might be bugged.

    Hidden Camera Detection

    As people and businesses become more aware of the growing problems regarding personal and professional privacy, bug sweeps and other counter surveillance measures have become an important part of today’s reality. A sweep for hidden cameras will help protect you and your family from being secretly monitored or videotaped.

    Tapped Phones

    Land lines and mobile phones alike are both capable of being tapped. The technology for doing this is easily accessed, and easily installed. While tapped landlines only hear the conversation, tapped mobile phones send out email, text messages, voice mail, and much more. Our counter surveillance team can check and detect if either of your phones are tapped, and disable the intrusion.

    Ethical Hacking

    Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing can show you weaknesses in computer systems, phone systems, and business processes. Our ethical hacking investigations will reveal what's capable of being hacked in your home or office. This includes computers, phones, Internet access, wireless access, and even people through social engineering.

    Computer Forensics

    Many times a computer can be the next best thing to a witness. Computer forensics can provide information that can be used in many private investigations such as infidelity, theft, fraud, and other crimes. Computer forensics aren't limited to your home PC or the Windows operating system, We can get information from systems running Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, IOS, and Android.