• Corporate Investigations

  • Corporate investigations thoroughly investigate business operations, which is why these types of cases are also called business investigations. Corporate Investigations can also evaluate your corporate security to determine how well you are protected. This includes physical security such as door locks and surveillance cameras, all the way down to computers and Internet access. In some cases we can even go undercover within your organization to expose methods of fraud and theft.

    Interview & Interrogation

    Interviewing techniques can make all the difference for getting the right information. Before you start any internal investigation, consider hiring a private investigator. A trained private investigator can interview witnesses, collect evidence, and verify statements in matters like HR issues, theft, and embezzlement.

    Fraud Investigation

    Fraud investigations are possibly the most conducted corporate investigation we provide. A fraud investigation can uncover stolen property, false statements, misinformation, and internal theft. What sets us apart from other investigation firms is a solid background in Information Technology and security. We understand how business systems link together, and how to follow the electronic trail theft and fraud leave behind.

    Corporate Security

    Security is much more than security cameras and alarms systems. A good security policy includes business processes, employee training, documentation, and security procedures. Additionally, once a good security policy is in place, loss prevention is the next step of the process. This can include merchandise, people, intellectual data, and insurance claims. 1 to1 Risk Control & Investigations has the experience to cover all your corporate security needs.

    Corporate Surveillance

    Surveillance in the work place was once limited to security cameras and call center recordings. Corporate Surveillance today should include computer systems, email, company mobile devices, GPS tracking, in addition the traditional security measures. Insight into these areas could reveal exfiltration of corporate data, leaking of trade secrets, and intellectual property theft.

    Employee Background Check

    A background check includes more detailed information into a person past such as criminal records, law suits, and financial problems. This information is acquired through research with courts, law enforcement agencies and county assessors. In some cases we can go as far as interviewing former employers, neighbors, and relatives to establish a persons character. In addition to traditional background checks, we also investigate social media activity that may be of concern to an employer.

    Open Source Intelligence

    There's a lot of freely available information on the Internet that ranges from social networks, job sites, bulletin boards, and public records. Does your human resources department know how to access and interpret this data? We offer open source intelligence collection and interpretation consulting that will help your human resources department make good hiring decisions and protect your company's reputation as well.

    Loss Prevention Assessments

    Are you losing inventory, company data, intellectual property or other valuable information? The truth is, you probably are and don't have the insight or proper monitoring, or plan to prevent and detect this activity. We can help assess your loss prevention plan and show you where the weaknesses are. We also develop a plan of implementation of policies and procedures that will help stop this from happening in the future. Call us today and take control of your companies profits and inventory.

    Penetration Testing

    Do you know how easy it is for someone to call in and get a username and password for your companies IT assets? Do you know if valuable and confidential information is available in your companies trash collection? How about how easy it is for a stranger to gain access to your office area and wander about freely with access to anything they want? Our penetration tests will help expose weaknesses in your business procedures, employee training and procedures, IT infrastructure, and contractor's access. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your company more secure.

    IT Security Consulting 

    Do you need help securing your network and infrastructure? We specialize in firewalls, DMZ access, end point security, VPNs, threat prevention, data loss prevention, ransomware prevention, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protections. We can implement, configure, and manage solutions to cover all areas of IT security and monitoring. We specialize in Cisco firewalls and especially Checkpoint firewalls and endpoint security. We can also help investigation IT security incidents that involve ransomware, data loss, and virus infections. In some cases we can perform forensics to help determine how the incident occurred, what systems were affected, and what data was exfiltrated.