• Domestic Investigations

  • Domestic investigation is a term describing investigations that have to do with individuals and personal issues. Domestic investigations can help you avoid fraud, theft, and other forms of criminal problems in your own home.

    Background Check Nannies & Maids

    There is no one size fits all background check. The investigation should be customized to your areas of concern, reasons for finding out more, and your overall needs. Whether you're hiring a new employee, or looking for a nanny, it's a good idea to get a better understanding of who you will be involved with. Previous cases have revealed DUI arrests, theft/embezzlement, assaults and prior criminal history.

    Background Check Potential Renters

    A pre-rental or lease investigation as to the history of a potential tenant. Service includes, previous address verification, criminal history , employment verification and with subject's written consent, a credit history. 

    Background Check Repairman

    Before you let a repairman into your home you should check into their background. Independent contractors, repairmen, and handymen are good covers for criminals to case your home for theft, or scam you for money. Always verify you are dealing with a legitimate repairman.

    Background Check Home Improvement Contractor

    Home Improvement Contractors should be vetted by looking for any past law suits, length of time in business, and verifiable references. You want to make sure you are entrusting your home to a reputable contractor that has a proven track record of professionalism and ethics. 

    Child Support

    One of the most common Domestic Investigations. Child support is usually calculated by income, and in some cases a parent will try and hide income to avoid paying child support, or an increase in child support. Our private investigators can uncover hidden income, and assets that might otherwise not be considered.

    Child Custody

    Child custody is many times the subject of Domestic Investigations. Child Custody cases can be related to divorces where a spouse might be forbidden from having anyone stay the night for a period of time to avoid exposing a child to that environment. Other cases where child protection investigations take place is when the actions of the parent are guardian are called into question and you need to verify if the child is being properly cared for. In cases like this we investigate the state of the residence where the child lives, the activities of the parent or guardian and provide documentation as to the findings.

    An example of child custody investigation circumstances are:

    • Is the parent(s) or guardian are using drugs or alcohol
    • Is an ex spouse is having someone stay the night with the child present
    • Determine if the residence of the parent or guardian is well kept or dangerous
    • Determine if child abuse or neglect is taking place
    • Determine if any medical needs are being addressed
    • Determine if the child is attending school


    There are some cases as private investigator in Oklahoma City where I have no choice other than to setup and conduct surveillance. Surveillance can be beneficial to your case and uncover information such as:

    • Infidelity
    • Criminal Activity
    • Fraud
    • Child Welfare
    • Theft
    • Daily Routines
    • Background and Character References
    • Vehicle Information 

    Cheating Partner

    Suspecting that your partner is having an affair is a difficult and painful thought. Unfortunately, if you have a suspicion that your partner is cheating, your suspicions may be accurate. According to some surveys, wives who suspect their husbands of infidelity are correct 80-85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their wives of infidelity are correct 45-50% of the time.


    Hiring a private detective might not come to mind when going through a divorce, but in some cases it can mean the difference between winning and losing in battles over assets, money and children. Hiring a private detective during your divorce can reveal hidden assets, hidden bank accounts, and uncover other beneficial information for your divorce case.

    Physical Abuse

    These investigations are done for family violence, child abuse, spousal abuse, and elder abuse cases. A private investigator will collect evidence, conduct interviews, and work with your attorney to establish your case.

    Home Security Surveys

    Do you know how secure your home really is? Our home security survey will show you weak points in the security of your home's alarm system, security camera system, door locks, and window locks.

    Security Device Installation

    Home and office security often depends on security devices such as door locks, window locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. Contact us for professional advice on which security products fit your needs, and the best way to install them.