• Hiring A Private Investigator F.A.Q.

    • Is hiring a private investigator easy?

      Yes, hiring a private investigator isn't complicated. You should hire a private investigator when you need information or evidence to build a criminal or civil case, and to locate people or property. Those are typical reasons but I don’t limit my services exclusively to to those areas.

    • What can a private investigator do for me?

      As your private investigator I collect and provide information that you need to make personal or professional decisions. The information I provide you depends on the nature of the case, for example most infidelity cases dictate that I provide photo or video evidence. Other cases might include information such as criminal records, public records, locations of people or property, or due diligence searches. What I can't do for you is make arrests, file charges, or pursue any other legal actions regarding your case. After I provide the evidence or information to you, it'€™s your responsibility to take any legal action.

    • What are the costs associated with hiring you as a private investigator?

      I work on a retainer and the costs depend on the complexity of the case. Typically the retainer 50% of the estimated costs for the investigation. When the costs exceed the retainer I meet with my clients and we discuss the status of the case and the best course of action from that point.

    • How often do you update me about the case and how are those updates provided?

      I’m very flexible on case updates and we will decide on those during the initial consultation.

    • I’m having theft issues within my business, can you help me with that?

      Yes, I perform corporate investigations and loss prevention analysis. I can investigate the cause of the theft and advise you on how to implement a loss prevention strategy.

    • It looks like you have a lot of experience with technology related investigations, is that what you specialize in?

      Yes, I have a lot of experience with computer forensics, social media investigations and network forensics. While I can say that is a specialty, it’s not what I limit my investigations to.

    • I had some property stolen from me, can you help me get it back?

      Yes, I can investigate cases like this and provide evidence to help you get your property back.

    • I suspect my spouse is having an affair, what can you do for me?

      Infidelity investigations typically require surveillance of the spouse to determine if they are having an affair. If I discover your spouse is having an affair I can provide evidence that may consist of photos, video or audio recordings.

    • I met someone at an online dating site and I want to have them checked out, can you do that?

      Yes, I can investigate if the person you met online is who they say they are, or if they are being truthful with you about other matters. What ever you do, make sure you do not send anyone money you met online until you have them checked out – trust then verify.