• Penetration Testing Services

    Penetration testing services is one of the services I offer as a private investigator. Penetration testing involves looking for weaknesses on the inside and outside of a company’s network. Part of the preparation for this test is utilizing open source intelligence to gather information about the target network, also something I perform as a private investigator. I have a unique skill set that combines my information security background along with my corporate investigation background that you don’t find very often in the private investigation world. I’ve been contemplating how to best combine these two skills with the services I offer, and finally arrived at a solution. My wife has a background in information technology also, so we have created and information security company, Crossroads Information Security, that provides penetration testing services as well as other information security services. Crossroads Information Security will he headquartered in Oklahoma City for now since we are literally at the crossroads of the United States. Some of the interesting things we will be doing with Cross Roads Information Security is:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Incident Response
    • Social Engineering Assessments
    • Data Exfiltration Assessments
    • Firewalls and Security Controls
    • Information Security Awareness Training

    Information Security Services

    Crossroads Information Security will also take on the forensics work that I was working on under 1 to 1 Risk Control & Investigations. Having and office with all the tools for digital forensics will make the process less time consuming and streamlined with the additional talent we will have on staff. Over the past few months we’ve been evaluated other forensics tools available for computer and mobile device forensics from SANS, and we are exciting about getting the opportunity to use these new tools on upcoming cases. Incident Response is another service that will move over to Crossroads Information Security. Incident Response is basically an investigation into a breach or other network intrusion where evidence is collected and prepared the same way any other investigation case would be handled. The Incident Response service will also be provided on a retainer basis, just as you would encounter hiring any private investigation service.

    The businesses that can benefit from the services at Crossroads Information Security are small to medium businesses that are looking for:

    • Increased network security where they don’t have the staff or resources
    • Have experienced an intrusion or breach
    • Are subject to compliance laws such as PCI, GLBA, or HIPAA
    • Would like to provide an attestation statement to a vendor or insurance company in regards to their network security
    • Are looking to make sure their cyber insurance covers their losses in the event of a claim

    You can contact us at Crossroads Information Security at 405-772-0224 or www.crossroadsinfosec.com