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    When you think of private investigation services surveillance immediately comes to mind. It’s a popular misconception that private investigators are in the surveillance business, we are really in the information business. Surveillance is a tool that we use to get you the information you need. There is a wide variety of surveillance methods we can employ on a case by case basis as the situation dictates.

    For Lawyers & Law Firms

    In addition to private investigation services, we also offer litigation support for attorneys to assist with building their cases. Litigation support is often a higher level of research that determines scientific facts or tracking down certain information that is needed with the attorney’s case. Two of the areas we provide expert testimony are computer and network forensics, and auto repair fraud.

    Unsolved Crime & Cold Cases

    When the trail goes cold we can often develop new lead in the case such as developing new theories, identifying new leads, interviewing witnesses, and forensic analysis that may not have been investigated. A fresh perspective in a cold case can lead in a new direction contributing new evidence and theories.

    Private Security

    Armed bodyguard service that specializes in protecting you from known and unknown risk factors. This service is of value in situations where you know someone is a threat to your safety. This service has been utilized in the past for court appearances, divorces, and to recover property after a divorce or break up. Other areas covered by this service is family protection, private estates, and protective orders. This services has also been utilized for people attending sporting events, concerts, seminars, conventions, and vacations.

    Home Defense Planning and Consulting

    Do you have a plan to protect your family in the event an intruder makes it into the house? Planning for this nightmarish scenario involves a lot more than keeping a firearm within reach in the middle of the night. Contact us to assess your home or business and help develop a plan to protect your family and belongings should the unthinkable happen.

    Financial Fraud

    Financial fraud investigations follow the money to determine how, when, and where the money went to. This provides evidence for recovery through forensic accounting, computer forensics, and often times skip tracing.

    Identity Theft

    Identity Theft investigations are often times not pursued by the authorities, leaving the victim to sort out the crime. We have experience in reversing fraudulent transactions, filing fraud affidavits, and working to undo the financial damage. Many of our identity theft investigations has lead to the criminal behind the theft. We also perform identity theft risk assessments. Contact us to assess your risk of identity theft and help prevent it before it happens.

    Criminal Background Check

    Our background checks include accurate, and up to date information that you can’t get from those online background sites. Our background check process isn't a one size fits all approach. We understand everyone's needs are different, and work with you on a tailor made background check solution. Our results provide accurate and up to date information. 

    Animal Abuse and Cruelty Investigations

    Many times crimes against animals go unpunished due to lack of resources for the cases. There’s also misunderstandings about which agency should be investigating the case, which often involves either law enforcement, or animal control. Types of animal cruelty investigations include: dog fighting, abandoning/dumping an animal, poisoning an animal, shooting an animal, maiming an animal, and torturing an animal. Sadly these crimes are often committed against other peoples pets due to disputes, revenge, and misunderstandings. In Oklahoma all of these are against the law, and in some cases are felonies.

    Computer Forensics

     Much of today’s civil litigation evidence can be recovered from computers. 1 to 1 Risk Control & Investigations has a computer forensics team with the ability to locate and recover all relevant information, or traces of same, that may exist on a computer or digital storage device.

    Pro Bono Private Investigations

    There are some investigations we will perform for free if it is for a good cause. Some cases we might consider are investigations involving children or human trafficking. There are other cases we might consider performing pro bono, and it all depends on the circumstances of the case. There are other cases where we might consider working on the case for a reduced fee, or a package fee. Cases like this require discussion to determine all aspects of the case, and what is involved. Private Investigators are not allowed to work on a contingency basis in Oklahoma. In other words, We can’t investigate your case for a portion of an anticipated reward or settlement that relies on the outcome of the case.

    Do not expect that your typical investigation requests will be handled for free. Professional investigators are also career people with their own substantial bills to pay. Do not expect them to work for free, just like you would not offer your own services for free. Everyone needs to make a living. Be realistic when you submit a pro bono investigation request.

    In 2015 we performed pro bono investigations that involved:

    • Finding two separate missing children, done through the Center For Search & Investigations For Missing Children
    • Assisting with a runaway child by performing locate reports and running license plates
    • Locating a debtor for someone who desperately needed money to pay their mortgage
    • Investigating a stalker case where someone was hacking into a person’s email accounts
    • Investigating a harassment case where someone was vandalizing a business property in a low income business area

    If you would like to have your case considered for a pro bono investigation, please submit the details of it using our contact form, and we will contact you within 24 hours about the details.