• Private Investigator Advice and Thoughts

    December 28, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • Private Investigator Advice and Thoughts

    Private Investigator Advice – looking back on the cases and calls over the course of 2017.

    One of the most popular questions I usually immediately get is: Can you give me a price? The answer is no, I can’t just give you a price without any details pertaining to your case. I need to know the basics of what’s happening and what you are trying to achieve.

    One of my favorite questions is: Can you guarantee you can find my vehicle? 2017 must have been the year of lost and stolen vehicles, because I had a lot of calls about them. I can’t guarantee I can find anything, not just vehicles. Think about this for a moment – You called me because you don’t know where to look, or you looked and can’t find it. I know nothing about it other than what you are going to tell me. How can I guarantee I can find something that’s missing and may not be in the same state, in one piece, or even in this country? The possibilities where something that’s missing could be are endless. All I can guarantee you is my best effort.

    One of the statements I hear a lot is: I can’t afford that. It’s like money in any amount is the deal breaker, seriously. I have people call me and think I’m going to take their case for free. I actually might take your case for free IF it’s for a good cause. Good causes include missing children and some hardship cases. Good causes do not include taking your felony possession of a firearm case while you are out on parole.

    On the topic of money and hiring a private investigator, consider this:

    Private Investigators are putting themselves at risk. This includes personal safety and the risk of legal issues in some cases. If an investigation goes wrong and people start filing lawsuits, the private investigator is going to get dragged into that. Going to court costs money and private investigators have to account for this risk when they prepare a quote. Private investigators are often accused of stalking, invasion of privacy, and harassment even when they are operating within the guidelines of the law.

    Here’s some other private investigator advice and  wisdom:

    • Don’t call a private investigator from a phone you believed is tapped
    • Don’t call a private investigator from inside your house if you think it’s bugged
    • Don’t tell anyone you hired a private investigator
    • Don’t discuss your case with anyone except your attorney
    • Use two factor authentication on all web sites you log into
    • Don’t click on suspicious links in email
    • Always create a timeline of events for your private investigator
    • Trust your instincts

    Have a safe and happy New Year! May 2018 bring you nothing but the best!